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About Us

We are an Information Technologies company, serving clients ranging from Entrepreneurs, Mid Sized Companies , Government Organisations to Multinational Companies. We have delivered projects with maintained standards and quick turn around time. To achieve such attributes in our work with limited resources is challenging. With this scenario we tend to seek tools that are effective to help us deliver projects, Few of such resources (Our Favourite Frameworks) we find to be really effective are Ruby on Rails Framework, Laravel Framework and IONIC Framework. We have successfully served clients around the globe by exploiting the distinctive attributes of these frameworks well, for building products that are needed to go out quick to the market, easily maintainable and to be deployed with high code quality.

To make things simpler and standard, to allow easy maintainability and enhancement, we always follow the mantra "convention over configuration". We make sure we always follow a process in things we do. In the course of our experience, we have adopted a workflow in our software development lifecycle process, We understand the initial requirements, we create the first phase of the requirement with very minimal viable features and then allow clients to get ideas to enhance the requirements in an Agile way, hence ensuring utmost client satisfaction. We are always progressing towards building more challenging projects along time and we enjoy what we do ! Delivering Quality and utmost Timeliness is what we pledge and practise with a tested process in place.

Our Team

Arun Bhat
Co-Founder & CEO
Shazad Maved
Co-Founder & COO
Vimesh PK
Senior Software Developer
Vinutha Chitra
Graphics Designer
Joy Dmello
Software Developer
Harish M
Digital Marketer