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Mindstack- Coding’s Finest

Mindstack was created out of love for coding and a deep understanding of vital a company’s online presence is. With the world today becoming increasingly digital, a solid, well designed and well optimized web presence is an absolute must for any type of business.

Whether you are an Entrepreneur, a mid sized Company, a Government Organization or a Multinational Company, we got you covered with the most elegant and cutting edge solutions on the market.

In our line of work, we recognize the need for efficiency and in order to stay ahead of our competition, we utilize the best tools and resources available on the market.

Our favorite frameworks that we tested time and again, are:

  1. Ruby on Rails
  2. Laravel
  3. Ionic

With implementations that satisfied clients the world over, the specific nuances and distinctive attributes of these frameworks allow us to always deliver ahead of deadlines, always deliver superb quality end-product and easily maintain it after deployment.

“Convention Over Configuration”

Our M.O. is to maintain a standard and effective workflow that gets reliable results fast while also allowing us to easily maintain and enhance the end-product.

Through our experience, we’ve been able to adopt a workflow that results in software built specifically with the client’s needs in mind.

During the first phase of our software development, we take in your requirements and lay down the basic foundation of your software with the minimal viable features.

From then on, we take your input on the project and build it exactly how you want it.

The end result? Software that is tailor made for your exact needs and that meets all your criteria.

With utmost client satisfaction and timeliness as our foremost priorities, we always deliver the best customer experience possible.

Our team is always looking for the next challenge so drop us a line and get your free, personalized consultation!

Our Team

Arun Bhat
Co-Founder & CEO
Shazad Maved
Co-Founder & COO