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Mindstack helps farmers to manage their finance

October 24, 2017 by Mindstack

When it came to farming activities, and its related financial transactions, there were very little help in keeping the documentation as well as a track of all the activities associated with farming. So, what would be the obvious solution under such circumstances? Well, with the help of Mindstack, Mohan Talakalukoppa created Farmoney, a mobile app that help in the documentation of anything related to farming, be it financial or even the weather updates and ensure that the farmer would be able to get a vivid idea about everything related to farming at the touch of a button.

Well, with Farmoney, he has been able to achieve the best possible bookkeeping done by farmers that comes along with 18 sections for various types of documentation. Procured from the android app store for free, the farmers will be able to document all their activities such as crop farming, payment to the bank as well as to the loan accounts and all the other necessary things. Previously, all such documentation would end up remaining within a confused muddle that would only lead to a loss of revenues in the long run. It is using such details that they can keep a track of rainfall, a basic understanding of the weather condition, as well as the rearing of dairy and livestock if there is any necessity to do so.


By making use of this application, they can also generate reports which will be able to help the farmers plan their crops in a much better way. Moreover, with the help of Google maps, the farmers will be able to have topographical insight into their farming habits and maintain the history of all the crops that were under agriculture. The application Farmoney was always developed keeping in mind the needs of the farmer in this modern world.

Mindstack, a startup which was founded by two friends, namely Arun Bhat and Shazad Maved were responsible for the development of Farmoney . This start-up has been involved in the process of contributing towards the agricultural sector, and Farmoney is a noble initiative that they have taken to help out the farming community.

The primary intention of the start-up was to focus on the needs of agriculture with the help of technology, which is yet to gain the kind of momentum it deserves. The idea was formed upon a meeting with Mohan.

Till date, Farmoney has been limited to the primary purpose of bookkeeping, but there has been a distinct push towards making this application multilingual as well as adding push notifications so as to keep the farmer on the loop for new farming -related topics.

Customer reviews and user ratings have signified that this product is not only limited in its use farmers, but also to the general uses to the presence of various sections. As an advantage, the people can also use it for their own financial and personal needs, although the application is fine-tuned towards the agricultural needs of the farmer itself.

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