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Increase your user base with mobile apps

cross platform mobile development


  • Analyzing your business helps in crafting an effective solution
  • After breaking down the requirements we proceed with the use case scenarios which will lead to better prototype process.
  • We focus on creating the design that perfectly matches user expectations.
  • Evaluating the flow of the app and documenting with feedback helps in identify the right method that works

Native Apps

  • Native apps provides advanced UI interactions with a faster performance using a platform- specific programming language. (Swift for iOS and Java for Android)
  • Integrating new features becomes easier with native technologies.
  • Native applications provide most responsive experience to the users with higher speed and quick response.
  • Developing a native app makes the code run faster and better

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Hybrid Apps

  • With hybrid app development we get the benefit of creating App for all platforms with single code which takes less time in the development process.
  • For Minimal viable products and tighter deadlines we opt for hybrid app development
  • We use Ionic framework which is compatible with all mobile platforms
  • Since single code can be deployed to all mobile platforms, the development costs will be lesser than native apps

API Integrations

  • API Integration helps in Accessing the data from cloud applications.
  • We integrate both REST and SOAP API's with your app
  • Email, SMS & payment gateway integrations will be done as per your business needs
  • User authentication with facebook, twitter, google, linkedin and other social media to simplify user signup process